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Thu, Aug 27th, 2015 12:00:00 am

Intelligent Warehouse Seminar Bangkok

Darryl Eddy recently delivered a presentation at the Intelligent Warehouse exhibition, Impact Arena Bangkok. His presentation highlighted the importance of the floor slab in a modern logistics facility, to ensure the smart technology available globally is not let down by the building it operates within. The presentation demonstrated some of the latest advances in concrete floor slab design and construction along with the benefits of a wholistic approach to design and specification.





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Services we offer

services we offer

New Build Design or Independent Review
New Build Monitoring and Inspection
Floor Slab Flatness Surveys (TR34, F-Number or DIN)
Detailed topographical surveys
Rotary percussive delamination surveys (ASTM D4580)
Trouble Shooting
Dilapidations & Defect Resolution