Services We Offer

New Build Design or Independent Review
New Build Monitoring and Inspection
Floor Slab Flatness Surveys (TR34, F-Number or DIN)
Detailed topographical surveys
Rotary percussive delamination surveys (ASTM D4580)
Trouble Shooting
Dilapidations & Defect Resolution

A problem with a concrete industrial floor slab is a major issue that can cost suppliers, contractors, developers and / or end users dearly.

If you have a problem with your industrial floor slab, we can help.

If you don't want to have a problem on your next project, we can also help!

FFC can help you to prevent such problems from occurring, or help you to rectify them when they do. This is achieved by providing cost effective technical and installation expertise covering all aspects from design, detailing and specification, through to material selection and on to the preparation, installation and then maintenance of the floor slab.

FFC also offers a monitoring & QC service, where the client appoints FFC to perform inspections on its behalf whilst the floor slab is under construction to ensure that the flooring sub-contractors are complying with the written specifications and following best practice.

This additional layer of control will ensure that:

  • the most suitable and cost-effective specification is developed
  • a complete and cost effective enquiry document is produced
  • pre-qualification of suitable designers and contractors takes place
  • the lowest risk scope of works is adopted
  • high maintenance detailing is avoided
  • the necessary pre-contract actions are carried out
  • full and proper co-ordination of all impacting trades takes place
  • the most capable and suitable sub-contractor is selected
  • appropriate and consistent quality control measures are incorporated
  • a site checking team is in place for the entire period of the works or for random, carefully co-ordinated visits
  • a comprehensive list of defects is created and all repairs effected
  • a detailed maintenance regime is developed and implemented





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